Supply Lists


Homework Assignment Books will be provided (by the school)  to all students in Grades 1 – 8

Mrs. Esbensen Kindergarten   OLGC 2017 k-supply list

Mrs. Baird 1st Grade  Grade 1 supply list 2017.doc (2) (1)

Mrs Kaiser 2nd Grade 2nd Grade Supply List

Mrs. Hofner 3rd Grade  Grade 3 Supply List Mrs

Mrs. Boorse 4th Grade 4th grade supply list

      ALL Students  Grade 5 – 8  (1)  7 or 8 Pocket Folder to keep papers for all subjects organized

Please look up the required supplies by both grade and teacher for Grades 5- 8

Ms. Rue 5th Grade Homeroom  and ELA , Social Studies Grade 5 – 7    Grade 5 Homeroom & Soc Studies List

Mrs. Acker  6th Grade Homeroom & Science Grade 5 -8  Grade 6 Homeroom & Science

Ms. Craemer  ~ 6th Grade Homeroom Room 5C & Math   Homeroom 5C  Both Math Classes 5 -8  

Mrs. Keaton Math  Both Math Classes 5 -8

**Mr. Madison 7th Grade Homeroom and Grades 5 – 8 Religion   Mr.Madison Homeroom & 5 – 8 Religion

**Mrs. Marchetti  8th Grade Homeroom and 7th & 8th Grade ELA  : Supply List Grade 8 Homeroom and 7 and 8 ELA

Mr. Mee 8th Grade Homeroom, 6th Grade ELA and  8th Grade Social Studies 6th Grade ELA & 8th Grade Social Studies

Bus Transportation

Please check back beginning August 21, 2017  to see if your school District posted the bus informaton.  Please contact your district with any questions or concerns regarding bus schedules or stops.

Centennial School District
Central Bucks School District
Council Rock School District
Abington School District
Neshaminy School District

Lower More School District

Dining Around Town


Dining Around Town logo flatA portion of the proceeds will be donated to OLGC to benefit our school!!!