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Box Tops for Education – Program Update

Box Tops for Education – Program Update

Please help us to continue to earn free money for our school! Last year we received $950.00 for clipped Box Tops. Our goal this year is $1,250.00.
Box Tops has redesigned the program to make earning free money for our school even easier with the Box Tops Scanning App.
*Box tops no longer need to be clipped from product packages.* 
Scan your receipts through the Box Tops App on your phone or iPad to earn Box Tops electronically. After you take a picture of your receipt using the App hit the “STAR” and enter your family name. All children in the family will receive credit for the Box Top items purchased.
We will receive monthly notification of your families earned Box Tops. A  sample of the participating products can be found below.
However, when receipts are scanned the App will automatically identify the products, so you do not have to keep track of the items you purchase.
For more information on how to earn Box Tops, please visit How to Earn – Box Tops.

Clipped Box Tops
For a limited time, paper box tops are still available.  You may continue to clip and send them using a Box Tops collection sheet such as the one found below to obtain Box Tops credits for your family.

Example of a Box Tops Collection Sheet

The clipped box tops will be added to your family’s scanned total. Our Box Top contest for this year will be 200 Box Tops per family in order to receive a free Dress Down Day for your child(ren) at one of our Community Homerooms.

Each Box Top is worth ten cents. Thank you for supporting this very important fundraiser for our school!