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Box Tops for Education

*Our contests for the 2018-2019 School Year are now CLOSED! We will still accept Box Tops until the end of the school year & our contests will resume when we begin the 2019-2020 School Year. Thank you to all who participated!*

OLGC is excited  to reintroduce our Box Tops for Education Program that now includes a mobile app that will provide another vehicle to raise free money for our school. There are some changes to how we will now be managing the Box Tops. We will continue to accept all loose Box Tops however, if students wish to participate in our Box Tops contest, Box Tops must be glued to one of the Box Tops for Education Collection Sheets. This will greatly help us in the labor intensive Box Top submission process. We want to encourage everyone to participate, as this has been a very profitable program raising several thousand dollars over the years for our school. Remember each Box Top is worth 10 cents!

Contest Details
Our Box Top contest for this year will be 200 Box Tops per child in order to receive a free Dress Down Day. As a reminder, in order to qualify for the contest your child’s box tops must be glued to a collection sheet and not contain expired box tops. The General Mills Corporation that organizes the Box Top Program has processing guidelines that need to be followed in order to receive monetary credit. Use of collection sheets greatly aides us in the processing task. However, we do not want to discourage the submission of loose box tops. If you do not want to participate in the contest, please continue to collect and send the box tops in a plastic bag or envelope.

Each box top is worth ten cents. Our school received over $1600.00 from Box Tops last year. Thank you for supporting this very important fundraiser!

Collection Sheets
Each sheet is worth 25 box tops. In order to receive credit for Box Tops that your child(ren) want to bring back into school, your child’s name, grade & homeroom needs to be visibly written on the Box Tops sheet. There are times when BONUS points or certificates are issued. Please affix those on a separate sheet of paper and don’t forget to write your child’s name on the sheet.

To view all of the various Box Tops collection sheets please visit this link: Box Tops for Education Collection Sheets

Here are a few examples of Collection Sheets:
Example #1 of a Box Top Collection Sheet
Example #2 of a Box Top Collection Sheet 
Example #3 of a Box Top Collection Sheet

Mobile App
There is also a Mobile App that you can use to help OLGC receive Box Tops credits. Simply snap a picture of your receipts & upload it to the app to help our school receive free money.
The link to the Mobile App can be found here: Box Tops for Education Mobile App

Digital Coupons
As an added bonus for our parents, Box Tops for Education offers parents various digital coupons to be used at various locations.
For a list of retailers, please visit this link: List of Box Tops for Education Retailers