OLGC News – OLGC’s own TV Studio!

OLGC is proud to introduce our new TV Studio & OLGC News! OLGC News is comprised of our entire school community! Each grade produces their own news broadcast during their designated month in order to provide Our Lady of Good Counsel School with informational broadcasts & news about our school, different events around our community & anything else that they wish to document! These broadcasts are then shown to our entire student body, just like a real news broadcast.

Check out the links below to view our OLGC News Broadcasts by Grade:

OLGC News – 6th Grade Edition: OLGC News – 6th Grade
OLGC News – 4th Grade Edition: OLGC News – 4th Grade
OLGC News – 2nd Grade Edition: OLGC News – 2nd Grade
OLGC News – 5th Grade Edition: OLGC News – 5th Grade