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Option C’s School Management System provides schools across the country with features that benefit Principals, Administrators, Teachers and Parents. The Option C student management system is much more than a typical grade book system. We also offer customized diocesan report cards, more than 150 pre-generated and automated reports, including the official NCEA report, state reports and customized diocesan reports.

Our system is 100% cloud based and you and your family can access the system from home, school, office or mobile device. We offer secure logins and data is backed up daily. With our family site, families can log-in anytime to see how their child is doing with assignments, grades, attendance and more. Parents can also check tuition status in real-time.

Unlike other systems, Option C is 100% specific to Catholic schools with features such as online Mass card requests, Sacrament tracking, Biblical references, staff prayer and intention discussion boards, links to the Vatican and Catholic news services, religious website templates, live streaming audio for Catholic radio and Catholic Saint of the Day.

Parent and Student Log-in usernames and passwords will be sent home including instructions. For easy access to the site, there is a log-in link posted under our “Quick Links” option on this school website. For more information on Option C Gradebook, please visit www.optionc.com.