School Family

OLGC Faculty & Parents working together

The faculty is comprised of dedicated and caring teachers, with a combined average of sixteen years of service to Our Lady of Good Counsel School. Thirty percent of the faculty hold Masters Degrees.

The parents, in their role as the primary educators of the children, have the responsibility of sharing with the school in the educational process. Active involvement in the school is encouraged through participation in the parent/teacher organization known as P.I.E. (Partnership in Education.) This organization has been formed to meet the needs of Our Lady of Good Counsel’s community; students, parents and faculty alike. Parents may also become volunteers for the various school programs; copy center, lunch program, homeroom parent, lunchroom/recess monitor, as well as countless other activities. We most certainly welcome any active participation by parents here at OLGC. We are confident that the success of our school is directly related to the on-going communication between all members of our school community.

Hope to see you at our OPEN HOUSE on Wed. April 20, 2016!

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