Paper Recycling

OLGC Paper Recyclingpaperretriever_dog2


  • You may have noticed the green and yellow bins located in front of the Trinity Center and behind the Trinity Center on the side of the school off of Keystone Road. These bins are for you to put your old magazines, newspapers, catalogs, shredded paper(in a plastic bag), paper, junk mail, weekly circulars ,TV guides and all school papers and books!
  • Our school earns money for the paper you put in the bins! Bring your paper weekly!
  • There are 3 paper bins on site – 2 located in front of the Trinity Center and 1 behind the Trinity Center just off Keystone St. This bin can be seen from the preschool playground area as well. I encourage people to drive back here as well to use this bin because in order for pickup by the company ALL 3 bins need to be full, not just the front 2. This has been improving!
  • Important – Please only paper-NO cardboard boxes of any kind and no phonebooks-shredded paper must be placed in plastic bag.
  • This is a PARISH wide endeavor-updates with be communicated through the parish bulletin, web site and KIT envelopes in school.
  • The school is recycling in EVERY class with special bins and the paper gets taken out weekly to the paper bin behind the Trinity Center!!

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