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P.I.E. – Partners in Education

Partners In Education (P.I.E.): Putting your talents to work!

OLGC’s Partners in Education (P.I.E.) is an organization which has been formed to meet the needs of the members of our school community, faculty, parents, and students. Our P.I.E. organization holds the responsibility of organizing fundraising, creating enrichment activities, communicating with the school community, and helping with the general well-being of OLGC School.

Team 2020-2021

Jeanette Archetto
Michelle Bussetti
Cindy Diaz
Michele Emory
Stephanie Frizlen
Lisa Fry
Cathy Greenleaf
Kate Hrycyszyn
Erica Logan
Lynette Mahon
Nicole Martin
Michelle Masucci
Krista Moffatt
Karen Murphy
Megan Schmid
Victoria White

2020-2021 Social Events Coordinators

Alexis Marino
Jennifer O’Connell

Social Events Coordinators oversee all the social events of the school year with the help of various parent volunteers to run each event. Help is always needed so please reach out to Mrs. Marino (amc381@live.com) or Mrs. O’Connell (ecmmc10@aol.com) if you are able to volunteer at one of our school social events.

Click to view our: OLGC P.I.E. Overview 2020-2021

Have a question, suggestion or just want to volunteer your time? Reach out to P.I.E. by email at olgcpie@olgc.org. We can’t wait for you to join us!