OLGC School Handbooks

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Early Dismissal

There is a new extension number if you plan to pick up your child after school. Call 215-357-1300 X 117 BEFORE 2:30 PM, or send a note to your child’s classroom teacher. If you send a note into school with your child(ren), you DO NOT need to call the office to have them placed on the car pick-up list. This is the preferred procedure. If you know that your child(ren) will not need a bus certain days, just send a note to the teacher.

Also, please remember there are not “early dismissals at the front office” after 2:30 PM. Please arrange to have your child(ren) picked up at 2:50 at the gym doors. Car pick-ups are at 3:00 PM at the gym doors.

Late Arrival/Absent

If your child will be late or absent from school on a particular day, please leave a message at 215-357-1300 X 286.