School Uniforms


Flynn & O’Hara School Uniforms

The following is a summary of the OLGC Dress Code Policy.

Regulation Shorts/Pants – Spring/Summer Uniform
Only navy blue dress pants or shorts may be worn by girls and boys. Cargo pants, dark jeans, etc. are not acceptable. Pants may not be worn below the waist, be baggy ,oversized or worn below the waist.

Regulation Shirt/Sweater
The white polo (long or short sleeve) shirt with logo is worn as part of the Spring and Winter Uniform. A plain white polo or turtleneck is acceptable under the sweater/vest for the Winter Uniform. A navy blue sweater or vest with logo must be worn every day as part of the Winter Uniform. Hoodies and Sweatshirts (OLGC or otherwise) are not permitted to be worn as part of the school uniform during the school day, except for gym days. Shirts should not be baggy and oversized. 

Skirts, Jumper or Skort – Winter Uniform
Blackwatch Skorts and Jumpers are to be worn by grades 1- 4 as part of the Winter uniform or Spring uniform if necessary. As part of the Spring uniform only, a blue skort may replace the blue short. Kilts and blackwatch plaid skort are to be worn either as part of the Spring or Winter uniform by grades 5-8 only. Regulation shoes must be worn with skirts and jumpers. NO sneakers. Blue dress pants may be worn at any time. Skirt and jumper lengths are to be no more than 2” above the knee. Gym pants are not to be worn under the jumper or kilt during school hours.

Regulation Shoe/ Sneaker 
White or black sneakers may be worn as part of the Spring Uniform. They are to be mostly white or mostly black. Multi-colors are not acceptable. No flashing lights or Heelies may be worn. Black basketball sneakers are not permitted. The Black Raider Oxford Shoe is the official uniform oxford. This is a universal shoe for boy’s and girl’s available in Childrens 13 – Adult 10. Any student requiring a larger size, is exempt from this exact style however a similar black oxford must be selected.

Regulation Socks
Socks must be white for gym days. Boy’s may wear black or navy socks to match the black oxford. Socks must cover the ankle. Navy blue knee socks or navy leotards/tights are acceptable for the Girl’s as part of the Winter Uniform..

Gym Uniform
Gym shorts, t-shirt, sweatpants and sweatshirts are to be imprinted with the OLGC logo or ordered from the CYO Sports program. The CYO navy blue is acceptable. Sweatshirts with brand names (Gap, Old Navy etc) are not to be worn during school hours. Sneakers and socks are to be white. Refer to shoe and sock section above.

Boys Personal Habits
Boy’s hair length is not to extend past the top of the shirt collar or touch more than the top of the ears. No trendy hairstyles. Tattoos, permanent or temporary, are not permitted.
No thick chain or earrings are to be worn. Watches are permitted.

Girls Personal Habits
No nail polish, make-up or hairspray. No trendy hairstyles/wraps, or tattoos permanent or temporary. No thick chains, bracelets or rings allowed. Watches and post earrings are permitted.