Technology Policy

Technology in the Classroom

As educators, it is our responsibility to give all students the opportunity to enhance their education with as many tools as possible. The curriculum at OLGC uses the technology available to us to develop the techniques necessary for our students to become functionally successful in today’s community and tomorrow’s world. In order to accomplish this goal, the guidelines stress engaged learning through a progression of skills. These guidelines emphasize the use of the computer and mobile devices as a tool to develop Web 2.0 skills.

Archdiocese Acceptable Use Policy

Archdiocese Curriculum/Technology Integration Plan

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Technology: OLGC Addendum Acceptable Use Policy. The policy applies to all technology use including, but not limited to Internet use. The Acceptable Use Policy for Technology applies to all students, faculty, administrators, staff, volunteers or community members allowed access to school technology resources.

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