We joined the OLGC family in 2012. We were moving from another diocesan school, which between 3 children we had 13 years of invested time, and one about to start pre-k. Having had a very good experience with our prior school, our expectations from OLGC were high. These expectations were not only met, but exceeded … by leaps and bounds.

Our OLGC experience began before we even moved when our children had a visitation day. They were welcomed into their classes with open arms, and returned from that day excited about their new school. This excitement persisted into the following fall when school began. We had more apprehension about their first day than they did. When the first week ended, when asked how they like their new school, they commented, very simply “We love it.” OLGC is truly one large community, and we’ve seen the same quality relationships among the parents as our children have experienced in their classes.

The teachers are the school’s backbone. Having volunteered for school events, we’ve met the majority of the faculty. The teachers are motivated, and 100% vested in the success of their students. They are affable, approachable, and are in constant contact with parents. Several run extracurricular activities for the students which allow exposure to the world outside of academics, including music, the performing arts, and even a fencing club. It is abundantly apparent that the teachers are not simply there for a job – they truly care about their students’ success, both academics and beyond.

OLGC has a very active CYO program, and students are encouraged to try any sport offered. There is a performing arts club, which exposes those who join to theater, musical theater, and dancing. These organizations are well run by parishioners who are passionate and committed to these activities.
We cannot speak more highly of OLGC. Its community, the teachers, the administration and supporting staff are all outstanding. And most importantly, our children love being there.        

  ~Poterjoy Family


We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to the entire OLGC community for the warm welcome they have extended to our entire family, but most especially to our son, Bryan. Transferring Bryan in the eighth grade to a new school required quite a leap of faith on all of our parts. And, we believe it is our shared sense of faith that has made this change so successful. Our Christian faith shared with that of the pastor, principal, teachers, parents, and students has allowed Bryan to not only feel comfortable at OLGC, but to flourish. 

We were so grateful that Bryan was able to join soccer, basketball, baseball, forensics and yearbook.He was chosen for the Archdiocesan Honor Band and Jazz Band and received two academic scholarship for high school. The teachers have made sure that Bryan feels like he is an important part of the class and the school.  In fact, several teachers have told us that if they didn’t know better, they would have thought that Bryan was always in the class. As parents, we can’t think of a better thing to have someone tell us. He has made some wonderful friends, friends that we think he will have for a long time. 

Enrolling at OLGC has allowed Bryan to grow spiritually, academically, and socially. We are so glad that we made the change to OLGC. We really believe in the saying that whenever the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window, and Bryan felt that at OLGC, the Lord opened a really big window for him. 

~Jim and Mary Ann 


Our family is new to the OLGC community, and we are thrilled to be part of it. Our journey to OLGC began last year when the Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced the closure of  several elementary schools.  This decision had a tremendous impact on our family.  Our daughter, a rising eighth grader, would need to conclude her grade school years in a new place.  While this was a difficult and painful time, there was light at the end of what looked to be a very dark tunnel.  That light was (and remains) Our Lady of Good Counsel School.  
Our daughter was not simply welcomed with open arms, she was embraced.  Mr. Mokriski, the entire staff, and student body displayed kindness, compassion, and friendship immediately.  Haleigh’s time at OLGC, though brief, was marked with great growth academically, spiritually, and socially.  In no time at all, our family felt the positive effects of OLGC, and our feelings of sadness regarding the loss of our former school were replaced by feelings of hope and gratitude.  
Our son entered the sixth grade class this year and has experienced the same warm welcome.  There is no doubt OLGC is a Christ-centered environment, for the staff and children live the Gospel every day.  
If you are looking for an exceptional Catholic school for your child, OLGC is the place to be!
~Steve and Cindy Williams (Haleigh, Class of 2013 & Jake, Class of 2016)

             Here at O.L.G.C I have learned how to be a good Christian and live out my Catholic faith by attending mass and receiving the sacraments regularly.  As a student of O.L.G.C., you will come to know that not only do you get a very good education, but you also make many close friends, and are constantly surrounded by fun, caring people. 

            In my own experience, I feel that the staff is a big part of why I enjoyed the past several years so much.  I feel that each and every teacher here at O.L.G.C cares about our students’ success, and also are there for you in all tough situations.  I feel that all 46 students in O.L.G.C’s class of 2014 are ready for the transition into their high school years.  Over the years, I have watched myself and my classmates form into responsible young adults ready to take on the next chapter of their lives, high school.  As I go on to higher education, I will always remember the great education I have received at Our Lady of Good Counsel School.  

~Samantha Topley – Class of 2014


Our Lady of Good Counsel has shaped me into the person I am today. This school is such a great environment to grow up in. I have learned so very much from the teachers and other classmates at this school. I’m very thankful my parents sent me to such an excellent Catholic school such as O.L.G.C.

~Jackie Long – Class of 2014


Our Lady of Good Counsel School helped shaped me into who I am today. All the things I learned here are irreplaceable. We learned much more than simple academics, we learned how to be respectful young adults while creating lasting memories. As we split up for high school, we realize that even though we may not see each other anymore, the students of the Graduating Class of 2014 will always look back on our time in school with a smile.

 ~Meghan Kelly – Class of 2014


In my past years, this school has shaped my personality, knowledge, and thought on life. Through the teachers, staff, and friends I have made in this school, OLGC has impacted everything about me. I look at the quote on the back of all the 8th grades tee shirts. “I give thanks to my God for all my memories of you” and I will always cherish the memories I have had in OLGC.  

~Ryan Taylor – Class of 2014